"Human Resources isn't a thing we do.
It's the thing that runs our business".
Steve Wynn

Value Proposition

COST & TIME STRUCTURE: Rectras is well aware of the need to look out for the every likely exit. "Rectras is Anti-Attrition". We follow a Touch Stone Method of observing the feedbacks of likely exits. It is ensured that client's money and time are not wasted for unnecessary hiring. We always see to the rapid induction method to offer not only a good executive but also ensure clients do not spend much time on searching.

SPECIALISTS: We generate Recruiters who can best understand and work in sync with the Founders’ vision, primary business objectives and HRs expectations. Our method of recruiting is comprehensive in way that it looks out for the most productive people in the field.

EMPLOYER BRANDING: We build hiring brands through people by effectively communicating aspirants about Vision of customers and we serve & sell Sunrise Concerns to Conglomerates.

For us Customer Brand = Vision of the Product + People Values on it.

STICK RATIO: The success of top level specialized business firms is determined by the service span of the executives. We are highly aware of the business difficulties arising out of a sudden resignation of a higher-up. Our experience in locating apt executives who will work for the organizations until the given point of times gives us a strong testimony.

DIGITAL STRATEGY ON RECRUITMENT: We are working out on a Mobile App for Recruiters as well Applicants. Using mobile technology will further the relationship between the aspirants and the recruiters.

EFFECTIVE RECRUITER COACHING: Our recruiters are open minded to learn new things. We know and open to learn the various fields of recruitments. It drives us at crucial times and crucial hiring's.

Recruiters At Rectras

QUALIFIED: Our recruiters are hired for specific practices with specific technical education qualification with management trained with Social Mix skills.

COMMUNICATION: We empathize requirements from business point of view and internally we use Google App’s and Slack as communicating tools.

REACHING PASSIVES: Our recruiters use Deep Dive Analysis to reach passive job seekers by collaborating with other industry practices.

TIME MANAGEMENT: Our Recruiters carry and using Time Management tools like Outlook or Google calendars to keep the SLA for deliveries or to adopt.

DESIGN THINKING: We use advanced Design Thinking tools such as Innovation Flowchart & Mind Mapping tools where design thinking tools play vital role in terms of taking Big Picture understanding of client as well as Applicants.

SOCIAL MEDIA SKILLS: Rectras recruiter's chief motto are to carefully cherry pick a conscientious leader from social crowd and we use Linkedin, GitHub and a lot other professional forums to reach out.

APPLICANT ASSESSMENT: Rectras assess the candidates by looking into their unwitting reactions at different times of recruitment ensure their veracity of knowledge and credibility of their managerial skills.

PERFORMANCE: Rectras recruiters continuously motivated with the vision of high-end performance. They are being trained by the field masters in different recruiting systems and Human Resource practice and this leads them to capitalize on the ample opportunities in the world.

MULTITASKING: Since we deal with companies and candidates on a daily basis we need to juggle multiple Deliveries and tasks simultaneously. Keeping in mind the details of various jobs, companies and candidates is important in order to work efficiently as well as effectively.