"For ... every hire I've made, I've gotten the exact person I wanted.
It's been surprisingly easy to assemble what I think is the best and brightest team."
Marissa Mayer

FullStack Recruitment

Rectras is pioneer of FullStack Recruitment approach to Human Resources & Recruitment services where we try to bridge Recruitment Partners and Business Leaders directly with Human Resources enabled. It is tailor made approach just simply integrating Business with Recruiters. FullStack Recruitment is shifting from being a 'supplier' to becoming a Trusted Advisor.

FullStack Recruitment is "future-fit" growth strategy which we believe for Recruitment Industry. The dream become reality wherein idea of FullStack Recruitment comes in and unique Features of FullStack Recruitment.

  • Designing Recruitment Plan with Business.
  • Analysing KRA's of Markets and Competitors.
  • Exclusive POC for Business Unit's or Customers.
  • Disruptive Hiring Suggestions for Customers.
  • Running Recruitment Survey's